Personal data file description in accordance with Section 10 of Personal Data Act

• Spoonfull Design / Heli Kauhanen T:mi (Business ID 1529353-9)
• Postal address: Patomäentie 19, 15610 Lahti, Finland
• Telephone: +358 40 5003028
• Email:
Name of the personal data file
Heli Kauhanen’s customer register
Reason for keeping the personal data file
A person/customer has registered as Heli Kauhanen’s customer or bought goods from Heli Kauhanen’s online shop.
Purpose of the data file
The purpose of the data file is to maintain Heli Kauhanen’s customer register and archive and process the orders made by customers. The data file is used, if necessary, to track missing parcels. The information may be used to develop Heli Kauhanen’s activities and for statistical purposes. The personal data is used in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Act.
No personal data is passed on to third parties. The registered data may be used in marketing if the customer gives a permission for it. The data is used for maintaining customer relationships and for communication.
Data included in the file
The personal data file contains the following information:
• Email address
• First and last name
• Postal address
• Telephone number
• Information about processed orders
• Date of birth
*Passing on personal data *
Personal data is not passed on to third parties outside Heli Kauhanen Company. All personal data registered in the personal data file is removed from the file if so requested by the registered customer.
Data file protection
The data file is not passed on to third parties. The right to use the data file requires the right to use Heli Kauhanen register’s password and username. The register is located on a password-protected server.